The three core ideas behind the design of Artifence screens are: design, functionality and flexibility. The design is strong and eye-catching. The functionality of the screens is versatile, from wind-resistant properties that linger on the terrace to safety in and around your house or pool. The flexibility is the result of the simplicity of the installation and the variation that can be easily implemented in height or width. This allows you to install a glass wall yourself, making it possible to tailor the glass to a few decimetres in a modular way. Beautiful designs also have a downside, namely the production costs are higher. In the screens this is mainly caused by the many meters of grinding of the glass. There is no less than 32 meters of grinding in 1 screen. If 1 pane of the same size were to be placed, the grinding of the 4 sides is only 7.2 meters. To make the screens accessible to a wider audience, the base line has been developed. In this line, a few concessions have been made in the execution and options, but with preservation of quality. Mass production is also the key word for the base line, since it is produced in bulk. In addition, only fixed glass sizes are supplied, which have greater tolerances in relation to the luxury line. The transparent version of these screens costs only

€. 445, – including 21% V.A.T. (recommended retail price in Holland) This includes the glass, brackets, rubbers and all mounting materials (excluding the posts, these must be ordered separately). These prices are ex works in the Netherlands, so keep in mind that transport costs will be added. These depend on the distance and order quantity, consult our sales points.


If you have a specific situation or far-reaching wishes that can not be realized with the base line screens, we offer the luxury line.







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