It is already a real art to design products for indoor use, but for outdoor applications it becomes a real technical challenge. Increasingly, climatic conditions are becoming increasingly extreme. In Southern Europe we are dealing with much higher temperatures over longer periods and more and more precipitation in our country. We have to take this into account when designing and producing our products. Perhaps interesting for you to walk along during the tour of our kitchen.

Raw materials & finishing

We use different materials and raw materials for our products that meet three required properties, namely durability, high quality and recyclable. It mainly concerns aluminum, glass, rubber, plastic and concrete. The aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion, but we give it an extra treatment to protect the material for longer. The glass is almost indestructible. Rubber and plastic have also proven themselves in practice as sustainable materials. Concrete is also a winner in the field of long life. We can not link an exact time period to the lifespan of these materials, as the environment and the manner of use can have a strong influence on this.

Light source & construction

Our LED luminaires are characterized by a long service life and low energy consumption. We work together with leading manufacturers in the field of LED light sources. An indication of 25,000 burning hours applies for the life of these light sources. This indication is based on an ideal situation and can in fact deviate due to the circumstances in which a luminaire with the relevant LED light source is used. Factors such as weather influences, number of circuits, incorrect installation and voltage changes in the power grid can negatively affect the number of operating hours. To protect the LEDs and electronics from moisture, we build robust constructions. They are placed with their back in a protected housing and provided with a silicone seal. At the front they are covered with a seal of impact-resistant polycarbonate. This is comparable with the material that makes bullet-proof glass. It is tough, durable and impact resistant. In addition, polycarbonate is well resistant to UV light and temperature changes.

Quality control

We develop our products ourselves, which means that we have very precise specifications. Our suppliers of raw materials have been extensively informed about these specifications. These suppliers also had a “quality audit”, in which we personally visited the production, checked all relevant quality criteria and went through the ISO standardization system. In addition, these parties have CE standards and for this they have been honored by an inspection visit by TNO Netherlands. With each delivery, an additional final check is made to ensure that everything meets our quality requirements. After completion of the final product in our own production, we also check the quality. This can be done by means of simulating climatic conditions in a controlled area, or by physically taxing the product. Take a look at the video about testing and Quality Control, which once again shows how strong the glass of our screens is. This keeps us sharp, but mainly because we put a quality product on the market with peace of mind.


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