What is the price of Artifence screens?

For a basic version of the horizontal installed variant, the price is €. 399, – per screen (is € 220 per m¹). This price includes 21% VAT and excluding transport and / or installation costs. The poles are not included yet, they can be ordered separately.
If you have a special situation that requires specific customization, you can opt for the luxury line. Based on your measured distances, our dealer will issue an advice and make an appropriate offer. Any necessary adapters are then made to measure in our factory and supplied ready for use at an additional cost. More information about this can be found in the assortment.

Do you also provide lighting for the screens?

We supply special LED modules that can be fully integrated into the frame of both the BASIC, LUXE and FLEX line (except for the mobile flex line, in connection with power supply) Most LED systems only deliver RGB colors. This means that almost any color can be adjusted, but the white light will always have a “cold” appearance. Our screens are equipped with RGBW lighting. That extra “W” stands for “warm white”. This is white light with a natural and warm atmosphere, which certainly benefits the atmosphere.

How can I switch on the lighting?

The operation of the LED light can be done via the included Wi-Fi remote control or via an App on your mobile phone. The energy-efficient LED lighting is dimmable, but gives so much light at full power that it works burglar-resistant, which benefits your safety.

What is the price of the LED light modules?

The LED light modules are specially made for our screens. In addition to the right length and installation option, the lighting is also made suitable for exterior applications. A special silicone seal in combination with a protective housing will protect the system against external influences. The price is around €. 90, – per screen. This does not take into account the transformer for the power supply, the watertight receiver and the remote control, but these costs are one-off and are around €. 245, –

Can you place the screens for us?

For installation you can contact our dealers. They are well informed about the possibilities for customization and can answer all your questions and provide you with sound advice. You can find the dealer overview on our website. If you do not find anything, please contact us.

If you wish, you can do the placement of the Basic Line screens under your own management with sufficient technical skills. For this you can download clear installation drawings on this website. For additional explanation, you can also view a video where the installation is explained step by step.

Are Artifence screens environmentally friendly?

Artifence screens are very environmentally friendly. The materials used are 100% recyclable. For example, the refolding of aluminum costs only 5% of the original energy required to produce primary aluminum. In addition, there is nothing on the ever-growing waste mountain. In the recycling of glass, the use of 1 kilo of glass shards provides a saving of 1.2 kg of primary raw material. In addition, with every 10% share of shards, up to 3% of the required energy for the production process is saved. These lower energy costs result in a reduction of CO2 emissions of no less than 60%.

Are Artifence screens durable?

Both glass and aluminium are extremely durable. Glass has unique properties that make the material inert. This makes glass resistant to many types of chemicals, acids and bases. The oldest glass objects that archaeologists have found date back to 5,000 years before Christ. With this, glass almost seems “endless” and has proven itself as a durable material. Aluminium has the property that naturally forms a protective oxide layer. More information about this can be found at the link sustainable.

Are Artifence screens fragile?

De glazen elementen voor Artifence schermen worden uit veiligheidsglas geproduceerd. De basic lijn heeft 8mm glasdikte, de luxe lijn maar liefst 12mm! Om de breukresistentie te laten toenemen en voor het verhogen van de veiligheid in het geval van breuk, worden alle glazen elementen thermisch gehard. Tijdens het hardingsproces worden de eigenschappen van het glas gemanipuleerd waardoor het glas maar liefst tot 6 keer sterker wordt. Dit glas is haast onbreekbaar. Mocht en onverhoopt toch breuk optreden dan zal het glas in kleine niet snijdende korrels breken, waardoor het risico op persoonlijk letsel aanzienlijk gereduceerd wordt. Dit proces verloopt geheel volgens Europese richtlijnen voor veiligheidsglas. Neem gerust een kijkje bij onze ontwikkeling

Are Artifence screens strong?

The construction of the load-bearing parts is made from a strong aluminum alloy. The thickness of the material has also been amply calculated. If the connections are made according to regulations, they are also of very high resistance to shear and tensile forces. In addition, only tempered safety glass is used, which is almost unbreakable. In practice, the product has already proven itself. At various outdoor locations in our country there are exhibits in open areas. These have already had to deal with the, increasingly extreme, storms and thunderstorms several times. Also during the most recent storm on January 18, 2018 (which broke all records of the last century and caused 50 million euros in damage in the Netherlands alone) this did not cause any problems or damage.

Are Artifence screens safe?

In addition to the safety aspects in terms of strength, durability and fragility, Artifence screens also provide personal safety. When applied as a yard partition, glass screens will not be inviting to climb over. The optional LED lighting also makes every attempt at burglary more visible.

Can my company logo in the glass?

If you opt for Artifence screens at your office, office or catering facility, we can place company logos or logos in the transparent glass on request. Any LED light that has been applied gives an extra effect in the dark, accentuating the image.

Do Artifence screens require a lot of maintenance?

In view of the composition of the materials, Artifence screens are virtually maintenance-free under normal use. It is advisable to periodically carry out visual checks. This check will consist of observing deviations that were not present after delivery of the screens. This could include damage caused by outside influences, such as impact damage or vandalism. Take a look at maintenance tips.

How do I clean the screens?

Both glass and aluminum, depending on the situation and your preference, (half) annually to be cleaned (see the maintenance tips).

Is a (glass) fence insured?

The fence officially belongs to the house itself and falls under your insurance. You can then claim any damage from your insurer. Is the fence of the neighbors damaged by the barbecue? Then of course it is extra annoying. The neighbors can claim the damage on their home insurance. The insurer can then recover the damage from you, because you are the cause. This damage is covered by your liability insurance (source: No rights can be derived from these statements, as interim changes may occur. We therefore advise you to obtain information about this subject from your insurer where your building insurance policy is in progress.

What is the delivery time of the screens

After acceptance of the order we will process your order. The delivery time of our basic line screens is 2-3 weeks. The delivery time of the luxury line depends on the complexity of the order. If your order requires many operations, such as specific RAL color or adjustments to the dimensions, the delivery time will increase. The delivery time is therefore situation dependent, but generally applies; screens according to customer specifications approx. 4-6 weeks.

Can I install the system myself?

Then for the basic line. You must have sufficient basic technical knowledge and skills to implement the system in-house. You also need to use the right tools to carry out the installation responsibly. You can download clear installation drawings on this website. For additional explanation, you can also view a video where the installation is explained step by step. If you have sufficient knowledge and would rather not do the installation in-house, you can contact our dealers for advice and information.

Do you also supply doors?

Artifence offers the possibility to connect a gate door in style to the yard partition. This door is made of an aluminum frame with glass elements in the same style as the glass screens. The door can be delivered with lockable lock and also in your preferred color. The installation of the pole to which the door is attached, however, requires additional concrete foundation. Our dealers are well informed about this.

is there a solution to screen a corner at a terrace?

Artifence has special corner posts available that seamlessly connect to the system. These poles make it possible to place a 90 degree angle in the glass wall. The foundation of this pile requires an extra heavy concrete foundation, so that it is stable. You can obtain information about this from our dealers.

Can I shorten the screens yourself?

You can do this at the basic line, but only the aluminum parts. You can not adjust the glass yourself, but the modular construction makes the system flexible. By removing a glass lamella you can easily adjust the horizontal configuration in height and the vertical configuration in length. Due to the aluminum intermediate beams (between the posts) to fit on the remaining glass parts, the width (vertical configuration) or the height (horizontal configuration) is variable. Take a look at the system about the system.

Do you also supply the glass to size?

We only supply standard glass dimensions for the basic line. The modular construction system in the vertical configuration makes it possible to realize any desired length of the total glass wall with this standard glass. The horizontal configuration can be adjusted at any height in-house. Consult the link “system” on the website. The luxury line is also based on standard sizes from the modular construction system, but we also supply adapters (for horizontal configuration) to customer specifications to arrive at the correct total length of the glass wall. Due to wind load, the maximum height for both systems is 1800mm.


Can the screens also be placed on concrete or asphalt?

The screens can be placed in soft soil with the help of specially treated inner frames. Sufficient foundation must be made, consult our manual. The construction can also be provided with special supports that allow placement on hard ground (concrete). You can specify the type of surface when ordering so that the right materials are supplied. It is not possible to place on asphalt, because this material is too soft. If your choice is on soft ground, the inner frames are supplied and can be assembled with the outer frame during installation.

May the screens also be placed on a roof edge or balcony?

There are legal rules regarding glazing in building constructions. This is mainly due to safety. Specific NEN Standards indicate the correct glazing for each application. As a result, for example, in connection with so-called death-loss safety, it is not permitted to use only low-temperature tempered glass as balustrade glass on storey floors. Artifence screens consist of single-layer thermally toughened glass, which means that our screens may only be placed on ground-level situations. For uneven floor situations with height differences, laminated (hardened) glass must be used. There are also very different regulations for this. No rights can be derived from the above information. Artifence accepts no liability for both direct and indirect damage caused by or related to the aforementioned information. We advise you to obtain local information and advice on this subject from specialized agencies.

Can I choose the color?

The basic line is only available in the standard color (anthracite gray (RAL 7016) with only 8mm thick glass.) For the luxury line, the aluminum parts can be supplied in almost any RAL color.The luxury line is supplied exclusively with 12mm thick glass .

Are the screens resistant to frost?

When using the prescribed materials, the screens are frost resistant. It is also a condition that the installation instructions are met. The LED lighting normally works to – 25 degrees below zero.

Can I connect the LED light to a 220V cable or the mains?

Artifence LED lighting can only be connected to a supplied 24 volt transformer. Connecting directly to 220V will cause irreparable damage and can lead to dangerous situations. For this, consult the processing advice in the installation manual for the LED light.

Do I have to purchase additional mounting materials before installation?

Each screen comes complete with the mounting materials. The manual contains an overview of the necessary parts, you can check this before starting. The necessary tools are also listed. However, one special tool is needed, namely. the pop rivet pliers. This plier is adapted to the work, so that the special width of the head makes it possible to apply pop rivets to the internal side of the profiles. You can specify the tongs with your order or request them at a point of sale.

I struggled to place a wooden fence. Are your screens easier to install?

A wooden fence falls into the “easy” category. If you make a mistake with that, you can put the saw in it or refine it. Placing Artifence screens falls into the “medium difficult” category. You must proceed accurately and follow the specified work sequence exactly in the manual. The glass is at its most vulnerable during the assembly, so it must also be handled carefully.

I would like to pick up my order at the factory. Is that possible?to become.

Unfortunately, our production location and organization are not equipped to process collection orders. We work for distribution with regular partners according to fixed schedules to our sales points. Within the Netherlands it is possible, in consultation with the point of sale, to deliver the goods directly to the user or installer.

I want to connect a few ordinary LED lamps to your LED modules. Is that allowed?

No, this is not possible. This can have consequences for the load on the transformer and the maximum cable lengths. As a result, the total system can not function properly.

The distance between the screens and the socket is 100 meters, can I lay so much cable?

No, this distance is too long for a properly functioning power supply. The longer the cable, the higher the voltage drop. In order to meet this challenge as well as possible, we have opted for a 24-volt system and extra-thick power supply wires (4 mm²). This allows fairly large distances to be bridged, however, this also depends on the number of LED modules that are connected to it. The more “consumers” how short the cable. To give a general indication you can keep the following:

with 4 screens = 4 LED modules maximum 50 meters of cable
with 8 screens = 8 LED modules maximum 25 meters of cable
with 12 screens = 12 LED modules maximum 15 meters of cable

I want to separate two screens from each other, how do I turn on the LED?

With two separate screens you must parallel the power supply wires to each screen. A receiver must then be placed in both screens. Both receivers can be registered on 1 distance clause. See LED installation for this.

What should I do if the LED light is not on?

First check the batteries of the remote control. Also check that there is 220V power on the socket. If that is good but the light is not working yet, unplug the transformer from the wall socket, wait 10 seconds and then plug it back. No light yet? Check whether there is voltage on the red and black wires at the transformer (with voltage finder). If there is no voltage on it, the transformer must be replaced. If that is correct, check whether there is voltage on the incoming power supply wires (which are connected to the receiver). No tension? Then there is a wire breakage somewhere. If all that is correct, check the plug connection between the receiver and the first LED modules. Just loosen, visually check and fasten again. If that does not work, contact the point of sale where you purchased the screens.

What should I do if the LED light does fire but does not respond to signal?

First check the batteries of the remote control. If that does not work, unplug the transformer from the wall socket, wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in again. If that does not improve, check the plug connection between the receiver and the first LED modules. Just loosen, visually check and fasten again. If that does not work, contact the point of sale where you purchased the screens.

The LED lighting is waterproof

The LED modules are splash-proof and are all around protected by the housing. This is sufficient for normal weather conditions, but it is not the intention that you use the garden hose or high-pressure sprayer to sprinkle plenty of water on the LED housing. For the correct cleaning methods, look for maintenance tips.

What is covered under warranty?

We provide a four-year guarantee on the frames, rubbers, plastics. Two-year warranty on the powder coating and the LED light system. This warranty applies as long as everything is assembled following the instructions of the manual. If components are used in the system that do not originate from Artifence, the warranty will lapse. No rights can be derived from communicated operating hours of LED light. In the case of a replacement product, the warranty can only be claimed for the remainder of the current term. During the installation, keep in mind that the components are accessible for replacement; this applies to frames, glass, LED modules, transformers, wiring and connectors.

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