To clean the coating and the frames, you should carry out a semi-annual check on the construction, paying attention to dirt and dirt-contaminating factors. The frequency of cleaning is highly dependent on the location and environment in which the screen is located. Other factors also play a role here, such as the degree to which the frame is cleaned by rainwater and the presence of salt water in the surrounding area.







The cleaning method is also important for quality retention. If you scrub or sand with force, the chance of damage is present. The most subtle start of cleaning is first rinsing with excess water. Then continue rinsing and remove the remaining dirt using soft materials and light mechanical movement. Never use hot water or under high pressure.


In addition to mechanical movement, a cleaning agent gives extra results. The advice is to use a non-aggressive pH neutral detergent. Never use caustic, abrasive, acidic or strongly alkaline cleaning agents. Always rinse with sufficient water so that no residues remain on the frames.



For the cleaning of the LED light, we recommend cleaning the polycarbonate cover caps of the LED strips once a year. If these become contaminated, the light can not completely penetrate, which optically reduces the light output. Also use a pH neutral agent here and possibly remove residues with damp cloth. Not with a water jet or high-pressure spray!


Extensive information about maintenance instructions and warranty conditions are available for inspection at our points of sale.


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