luxe vertically clear



assembly set consisting of:

upper profile / bottom profile / spacers / upper supports / bottom supports / plastic

caps / foam strips / rubbers / pop rivets / parkers.

8 transparent glass panels, thickness 12 mm, edges highly polished.

INCLUDING colour choice aluminium parts (almost all RAL colours).

width screen: 1.720 mm

height screen: 1.800 mm

This screen set can be executed with a post set for soft or hard soil. You can combine horizontal and vertical screens.

The width of this screen is delivered to size in the following dimensions:

1.800mm / 1.505mm / 1.290mm / 1.075mm / 860mm / 645mm / 430mm.

This screen set from the LUXE line has high quality finish and there are separate parts available. If you want custom-made work in the HEIGHT for the VERTICAL configuration, then custom-made glass is available at extra cost.

OPTIONS:. This screen set is suitable for installation of LED light.