Your attention does not just go to Artifence screens. In fact, you are already indicating that you have a modern taste and love sustainable quality products with an eye for luxury and distinctive details. Glass as a proven and familiar material, in a modern and progressive design. Glass offers a sense of security, safety and security in your home Why not this feeling in your garden? By creating Artifence screens you create this home feeling in your garden. In a wind-transparent version with an expanding transparency and lots of light, or in a matted version as true eye-catcher while maintainingcomplete privacy. We also have fully integrated LED lighting available, which can be adjusted to any desired color. When night falls, you can illuminate the screens with this. At full power as functional lighting or dimmed as soft mood light. The special profiles are well thought-out designs that make the construction robust and safe. The glass is extra strong and produced entirely according to European guidelines for tempered safety glass. This glass is almost unbreakable. In the unlikely event of breakage, the glass will break into small and non-intersecting glass grains, which significantly reduces the risk of personal injury at break. All these advantages make the purchase of an Artifence screen a responsible investment, in our environment as well as in your safety and security.

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We do our utmost to provide you with as much information as possible via our website. Nevertheless, we can imagine that you have questions about a specific subject or about a specific application. You can contact our sales points for this. In addition to being able to view Artifence screens in their showroom / garden, they can also answer your questions or offer help with installation. Take a look at the map for a point of sale in your area.




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