Our goal is to let you use our products without worrying. That is why a lot of attention is paid
to quality. This makes it possible to give a 4-year warranty on our screens and 2 years on the
lighting system. In the unlikely event that something is not in order within that period, you
can claim the warranty from the dealer where you bought the product. For this it is important
that you can show the purchase receipt or invoice. Keep it safe!

In order to claim warranty, certain conditions must be met. These warranty conditions are
available for inspection at our sales points and they can provide an oral explanation and
answer all your questions.


If the guarantee claim proves to be well-founded, we will repair the defect. If repair does not appear to be possible, you will receive a replacement part from us. If that is not possible for one reason or another, we will of course offer you a suitable alternative. We will strive to minimize the problem and that it will be solved soon.


In order to ensure that a warranty claim is evaluated properly, a representative of the sales point must have access to the defective products on request. The installation site must therefore be easily accessible. If it is necessary to take pictures, you have to take into account that the appointment must take place during the day. If there is a lack of the LED light system, it is conceivable in certain situations that an inspection must take place on the cabling. The components LED light system must be mounted in such a way that they are always accessible for inspection or replacement. This applies to light modules, transformers, cables and connectors. Therefore, lay the cables as much as possible in borders and along tiling when laying.


It is very important to follow the installation instructions carefully. If these have been carried out correctly, we can guarantee that the product is sound and meets the quality standard. If you want to install the base line yourself, please take the time to read the manuals carefully and watch the video instructions. It is important that you use the correct sequence of work so that all components fit seamlessly together. Compare it with building a house, there one does not start with the roof first and then to brick the walls and then pour the foundation. Speaking of foundation ….. this is an essential point on the overall construction and especially with regard to wind load. We give a general and non-binding advice in the manual, however it is conceivable that this advice is inadequate in certain situations. The foundation will have to be attuned to the soil composition. This will vary per situation, from sand to clay soil or from peat to rock soil. We therefore strongly recommend that you be properly informed about the soil composition in your situation on site. You can do this at the point of sale where you buy the screens or from a local specialist / constructor.





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