Artifence is a young dynamic Dutch company that acts “out of the box” and designs, develops, produces and sells leading glass products with LED light. Our unique products find their way to the customer through a network of sales points, distributors and professionals. Our products are available in many European countries. Are you also curious about our distinctive products, then this is what we offer you:

Reliable Dutch Design

We design all our products ourselves and we produce our own semi-manufactured products. This allows us to offer a reliable quality. Our suppliers have become reliable partners over time who understand and share our long-term vision. All parts of our products are extensively tested before the end product enters the market. These tests often do not lie, especially because it concerns exterior applications and there are increasingly extreme weather conditions. If everything meets our quality requirements, the introduction will take place. Rightly qualitative Dutch Design. Have you become curious about our product development and testing? Take a look behind the scenes at the research and development.


Durable, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient

Our products mainly consist of glass and aluminum. Both materials are 100% recyclable. By making a conscious choice in this, you contribute to a cleaner environment. Low maintenance and extreme durability contribute even more to our environment. Many other material has already ended up on the waste mountain within the lifetime of our products. The durability of glass is unbeatable. Glass objects have been found that date back to 5000 years BC. A conscious choice for a healthy future for you and your children.

LED lighting is currently the most sustainable and environmentally friendly light source available. For this reason, more and more people are switching to LED lighting both indoors and outdoors. We work together with leading manufacturers who are leaders in high-quality LED technology. The LEDs and chips are available in various qualities and prices. We have opted for more expensive high quality, so that in the longer term you are assured of a well-functioning system. Our LED modules are also not equipped with the cold white light, but with naturally warm white light. This gives more than enough light intensity while maintaining the atmosphere.


Our products are so well thought out that, in addition to the attractive appearance, the installation has also been taken into account. Modular construction makes the weights portable and clear drawings unburden the installer. You do not need to have any special equipment for the installation of the glass parts. This makes the system flexible and simple. Particularly the weight of the individual parts is so favorable that the work is physically very stressful. Our service goes even further than the aforementioned clear installation drawings. If you need a bit of training, then there is a training video available, where the structure of the screens is shown step by step. The explanation is very clearly visualized, so you can start working with peace of mind.