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Led by a passionate entrepreneurial couple, Carla and Hendrik Sparenberg, the catering facility Jules Eten & Drinken has become a household name in the picturesque town of Duiven. These people understand their profession and have a lot of hospitality experience. In their new building on the Remigiusplein they serve the tastiest dishes and delicious drinks. The spacious terrace is more than a meter above street level. A wonderful place to stay and enjoy the view over the square while enjoying something delicious. To make it as pleasant as possible for their guests and at the same time enhance the beautiful appearance of their premises, they have chosen to provide a part of the terrace of Artifence screens. In order to keep the view optimal, the transparent version was placed in vertical position with LED light. That turned out to have been a good decision, because there was much more lurking on the terrace and thus the comfort for the guests increases. “We often have the LED lighting on the green color, because this fits perfectly with our corporate identity and gives a very attractive image”, says Hendrik. So in addition to the function of wind breaker, Artifence screens also guarantee your image and satisfied customers. “In addition, we have opted for the vertical setup because of the easy cleaning. It takes a bit more time than a normal window, but it’s easy to do, “adds Carla.

 Thanks in part to the dedication and commitment of our dealer Alverne in Didam, this project was carried out to our full satisfaction. Henri Berentsen, owner of Alverene, says: “The good communication between us, Artifence and the customer has ensured that everything went according to agreement and on time. They are top quality screens and the result can be sure! The municipality of Duiven was also very enthusiastic and fully cooperated in the context of city view. “


The design of Artifence screens from the BASE line enables do-it-yourself installation. The modular construction gives you all the space to omit and / or shorten parts, so you are able to install a screen of glass yourself. You must be a little handy and be able to work accurately. It is advisable that you study the installation drawings just as calmly before the assembly. And if you have some time left, also check out the video instructions and deliver a professionally installed system!


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